Oc679  Acoustical Oceanography

This course will introduce the principles of using sound as a sampling tool and the applications of acoustics in a variety of marine disciplines. The course includes lectures, discussions, as well as assignments working with acoustic data. Readings for the course focus on primary literature supplemented by chapters from selected texts

Kelly Benoit-Bird (7-2063) kbenoit@coas.oregonstate.edu

Jim Moum (7-2553) jmoum@coas.oregonstate.edu

Winter 2016 Thurs 2:00

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Lecture Notes
Other Stuff

Homework #1

Levitus data for Hmwk#1

Course Readings
Wave Physics

Homework #2


Oceans Toolbox - includes MatLab sound speed algorithms as well as other things you may find useful
Sources & Receivers

Homework #3

Hake data

Acoustics Library - some MatLab stuff
Passive Sonar Mellinger    
Sonar Equation    
ADCP Primer    
Calibration Methods    
Using Sonar to Study Animals    
Using Sound to Image Beneath the Seafloor    
Sounds in the Sea    
Passive Acoustics II    
Waveguides I / Ocean Acoustic Tomography    
Animal Hearing